Where do we come from – where do we go to

~ Mad World  Somebody that I used to know ~

While I was busy with being me, raging over my stolen bike and cheering over the great achievement of my 18 year son in  a musical talent contest which he won, I absolutely missed out on a lot of news.
While checking out my mailbox, after this same son organised me a new second hand bike within 48 hours from there unfortunate meeting with Murphy’s law, I now realise again how lucky I am to be able to put my energy and emotions in these kind of parental and motherhood things…

In this World we do Real

In all the commotion I only vaguely noticed the news about this calling upon the ‘stand your ground law’, which would justify the killing of 17 year old Trayvon according to the man charged with killing him.
For the ones who have missedthe details as far as they are known,  read more about the Trayvon Martin case and  Required reading on the killing of Trayvon Martin.

[ Obama vowed that authorities would look into “every aspect” of the shooting of the unarmed 17-year-old by neighbourhood watchman George Zimmerman, and called on federal, state and local authorities to work together as part of the investigation.] Obama on Trayvon Martin’s Killing

The most wonderful and deeply touching letter from a White Female with dark skin kids to Trayvon’s mother, is a text which I think should be used in schools all over the world as discussion material in classes, as it makes it so clear how racism looks like passing your door if you have the – for that place – right tone of skin.

Dear Trayvon’s Mom,

My name is Jen Hatmaker. I’m super white. I even have blue eyes. My hair was snow blonde then it was dirty brown and now it’s gray but I color it so who even knows anymore? (I’m sorry. I overshare when I’m nervous.) My husband and I cranked out three carbon copies of us. [continues]

And on my account, this piece of educational advice goes for all types of discrimination, may it be because of skin color, gender, religion, sexual preference, physical or mental impairment, social status or whichever I forgot here.
We as The Human Race are responsible for how our children behave, no matter what age… not only as parents, but as teachers, co-workers, neighbours, employers, in short as human beings. It certainly doesn’t serve us to look the other way.

Jen’s letter came on my path through ‘Emerging Mummy’,  the woman who also introduced the ‘In This House…‘ text to me.
From which I already made: ‘In friendship’…  and  ‘In this building’…

We should start training ourselves and each other towards the fact that our society will not survive as a whole, in a healthy way, if we continue to think in differences in stead of similarities, and the secret ingredient to make our future work out is, and always will be, unconditional love and friendship.

In This School of Life
We Do Real
We Do Mistakes
We Do I’m Sorry
We Do Second Chances
We Do Fun
We Do Hugs
We Do Forgiveness
We Do Really Loud
We Do Friendship
We Do Love

It is only fair that the investigation in this particular case does justice to George Zimmerman’s rights and get to the bottom of this.

At the same time, in whichever way possible, let Trayvon not have died in vain. The least we can do is talk about it ánd get to the bottom of our own souls as well. How white is yours?


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