Not My Typical Sunday

Mijn plek

Mijn plek

Un-Break my heart ~> When I think Whitney Houston, may she rest in peace, it is for me connected with a special time in my live where I spoke and dreamed in English. It was strange to notice that the moment I looked for the clip of Whitney, I immediately started to write in English. At least it took me some minutes to realize that that’s what I did. Our brain is remarkable.
Slowly I am trying to find my way back to Dutch without breaking the spell which I’m apparently in….

I notice that I’m more emotional than I realized and I am hesitating to continue as this is a Dutch language  blog platform…. I had a totally different scheme for today’s blog so I am a little off target due whats happening…

So much for this introduction.  I decide to do the inner research part in my own time, meaning later. I find this too confusing with guests arriving within fifteen minutes.  It might just be that I leave it how it is anyway, all English…and shorte as planned, a little gob-smacked by my confusion.

Underneath part  from * was what I already wrote before I started the above and it just seems right to let Annie Lennox speak for herself, the brilliant woman she is and has been as long as I know her.
I wish I could fly to the exhibit, but hey… this is already very very cute:  The House of Annie Lennox

* A Prima  Donna  in the most positive way, who I love and for me always has been a real role model is Annie Lennox. She is currently showing lots of her private collection  in the Victoria and Albert Museum where a whole exhibition has been composed and prepared to her honor and together with her. It includes loads of her creative products of the last two decades or maybe even three and her mini-house. She herself sees this project as the end of an era and a new beginning in the same time. Till 26th of february in V&A.

Today’s Downer:

One  Queen left us: I wish you a smooth passage, Whitney – I will always love you

Yesterday’s Upper: Coldplay – What a wonderful world & Fix you


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