Sopa Blackout Day

Sopa Blackout Day   cc of

January 18th is Stop SOPA day.       About Sopa / Pipa 

Join by blacking out your site with a simple and easy to use SOPA Blackout JS Utility

Earlier this week, announced that they would be blacking out their site on January 18th. Likewise, many of us should take similar action versus this bill. The damage it would cause to our internet infrastructure would be irreparable. What we propose is a simple, but effective message for any webmasters to use on their site on this date.

How to use

The following will present a blackout banner when users visit your site, which can be circumvented by clicking anywhere:

 WordPress Plugin

Sasha Gerrand kindly created a wordpress plugin to easily implement this. Check it out on github.

Created by @sirpengi and Jacob Miller


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